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Katana is very talented and sought after porn star and model. What makes her especially attractive is that she is of Spanish, Japanese and Chinese descent. She is 165 centimetres tall and weighs 54 kilograms Born in Barcelona on June 11, 1995, to this day she remains a resident of this cosmopolitan city. Katana prides herself on being 100% natural – so you won’t find silicones here. Katana is very active in the industry, with a phenomenal pace of contributions in the form of movies, live shows and photo shoots.


Katana arrives at her client’s place, toting a suitcase full of knowledge. Calligraphy is the order of the day, but somehow she feels a strange connection to this man, sitting opposite of her on a hotel room bed. She sees immediately that it is hard for him to concentrate and there is ever so slight smirk on his face. Being the experienced teacher that she is, she decides to test the waters. She starts slowly and discretely by hiking up her skirt, as if by mistake. She can always pull it back down. That way, if she is wrong – and she never is – it won’t matter. Within a millisecond, she feels his gaze hit her thigh. While there is no question that Katana always had a firm command over the lesson, now she lost all certainty. There was one silent question to be settled – who was giving the lesson and who was taking it. You be the judge of that.

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